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I'm proud to work with our elite group of Real Estate Agents at Elite Realtors of New Jersey, earning a 90% commission split with no fees.

You already paid those other companies for basic real estate training – now join a company where you can earn what you're worth. Its not what you make, but how much you keep.

Ceola Shelton

It's todays Real Estate done right, family style, without the corporate nonsense and inflexibility that you get with the larger Real Estate Firms.

Doug Allen

Elite Realtors of New Jersey is a company that is backed by experienced owners and is employing a group of associates that will complement this growing Real Estate firm.

Ethics and professionalism are stressed here at Elite. I am so excited about my association with this dynamic agency.

Michael Roppatte

When I heard Elite Realtors is giving a 90% commission split with no monthly fees I thought it was too good to be true.

Not only was it true but with on-site technology support and strategic advice 24/7 from the broker, they have helped me grow my business. I was so sick of paying fees every month and giving half my commission away to my company. Elite Realtors is everything I was looking for in a Real Estate company and much more!

Cesar Rosado

I have been a Real Estate agent since 2002, and during that time I have worked at Weichert, ReMax and Realty Executives.

Elite Realtors of New Jersey offers me exactly what I want – a high commission split and immediate payment of my portion of the commission. Unlike other companies that make you wait 7-10 days to get your commission check. You turn it in, you get paid. On the spot. Dan and Fern do everything they say they're going to do, and I will never work for another real estate company until the day I retire.

Kerrie Batche

Elite Realtors offers me the right environment to do my business.

Very high commission splits! The brokers & technology manager provide a level of personal support that has been very helpful to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Elite to other Realtors.

Sylvia Wei Lin

I really like working with the Elite Realtors Team.

They offer the right amount of technology and support without having to deal with the corporate nonsense that many other firms have.

Dennis Tolentino

One of my favorite aspects of working at Elite Realtors over the last 10 years is that the company is independently (family) owned.

This structure affords me the freedom to take control of my business and if I need approval, there is no bureaucratic procedure to follow.

Robin Davis

My best experience as a Realtor is when I was privileged to join the Elite team.

The progressive business model of Elite allows complete freedom and the highest earnings in the industry. I am empowered and free to use my instincts and get support when asked. Their website is second-to-none highlighting listings in a beautiful manner. I can enjoy being a Realtor again with Elite's continuous support and education.

Michael Shaatal

We are all independent contractors.

At Elite, they really understand what that means. No silly rules, no forced meetings, no surprise fees taken out of my commission check. Elite has completely exceeded my expectations. I finally found a home.

Jackie Denk

I love working with Elite Realtors.

Their 90% commission plan from day 1 is the best in the state. Elite is a company with a heart and soul with top support and a high level of autonomy that makes you feel like you're running your own business.

Farrah Powell-Terrell

I love that Elite Realtors is a Realtor focused company.

They do what's right for the Realtors. Examples of this are that I get all of my listing leads directly with no referral charges. Also, with regard to listings, Elite provides the absolute best exposure for my listings everywhere on the internet.

Sajimon Antony

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